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Tech Support

I need to scroll horizontally to see the whole webpage, how can I fix that?
Change your computers resolution. Our website is best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution with 16 bit color or greater.

The online sign-up for Portfolio Exchange returns an error message when I submit my information, what do I do?
First, make sure you have filled out the form completely making sure to enter information in every box. If there is certain information that doesn't apply to your submission simply type "n/a" in the box. If the form has been completely filled out and still is not working click here to e-mail us your submission. We also encourage that you include in your e-mail or send a separate e-mail describing the error message you received when trying to use the form, this will help us fine tune our system and rid it of any bugs and give you as well as others a better experience browsing our site in the future.

When I print the website the background colors and images don't print, what do I do?
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse the internet then do the following. At the top of the browser window you will see "File", "Edit", "View", "Favorites" and "Tools". Click the "Tools" option and then go down to and click on "Internet Options" when the "Internet Options" box comes up click on the "Advanced" tab and scroll down until you see a checkbox option that says "Print background colors and images" click the checkbox if it is unchecked and then click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the box.
Use the picture below to assist you in following the above directions.
Printing backgrounds and images

I have questions about other technical issues or have found a bug, glitch, or incorrect information on the site. What can I do?
Click here to e-mail to leave any corrections or request further help with your problem.