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Portfolio Exchange

The Portfolio Exchange Program encourages each class to produce an exchange portfolio of single prints for every class member with an additional portfolio to be sent to the Foundation. It is important for each student to be recognized and have their work seen and appreciated by people other than just friends and family. It also enables every student to have a print of each of their classmates' work. All works submitted to the Foundation are catalogued in a professional archival gallery system and organized by artist, medium, school and professor in our attempt to track the course of college level printmaking and the emergence of new artists around the country. Each participating class should adopt the Portfolio Exchange Program as part of their printmaking curriculum. The opportunity to create editioned prints will be a valuable learning and development process. No monotypes will be accpted. Portfolios should be grouped together by class and should include the following information for each student: name, school address, home address, telephone number, previous art training, exhibitions and awards, and title and medium of each print. The Foundation must discontinue, for this semester, the monetary stipend of $250. Hopefully, the stipend can be reestablished for future semesters. All portfolios sent become property of The Amity Art Foundation, Inc.

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