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Earl Washington

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Earl M. Washington:
The mystery/hoax surrounding the wood block prints ascribed to Earl M. Washington seems to have unfolded.

Ken Martens an attorney and print collector in Canada has followed the various leads as they have appeared and acquired enough facts and information to lead to the belief that the prints of Earl M. Washington have no historical significance, but are rather the modern production of a young man in Michigan who is trying ot lead print buyers to believe that the prints were produced in the early part of the twentieth century by his great grandfather.

We refer you to the excellent web site prepared by Ken Martens, which outlines the facts, as we know them. The site can be seen by clicking the following link http://www.earlmwashington.com

The Foundation had scheduled an exhibit of Earl M. Washington prints for the Mid America Council Conference in October in Lincoln, Nebraska. That exhibit has been cancelled. An exhibit of prints by artists who produced prints in the Works Project Administration print program will be presented in its place.

Alan Abrams article on Earl M. Washington prints has been printed by Forbes magazine in the September 20th edition.
It can be viewed online at http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2004/0920/302.html